Effective Weight Loss Plan

There are several shortcuts to losing weight fast. However, if you want to lose weight naturally without having to take any weight loss pills, then follow these simple steps for long term weight loss.

The plans provided here will:

  • result in long term effective weight loss;
  • improve your body mass index (BMI);
  • improve your physique and posture

Know why you want to lose weight

The first step is to develop the mindset and getting ready for a change.

You’ve got to have a reason if you want to achieve significant weight loss and to make you want to employ little changes to your daily habits.

And your WHY must be something that is tremendously motivating to you to ensure that you remain on your path to lose weight.

Identifying your weight loss motivation is the ignition to your enthusiasm which will allow you to stick through the demanding weight loss regimen.

Low-Carb diet regimen:

Why reduce Carbohydrates?

Glucose from starches and sugars is the pivotal source of energy for body cells. Carbohydrates are present in most of our staple foods hence, excess intake will lead to an increase in body fat resulting in excess weight.

Main Carb Sources:

Healthy sources of carbs include vegetables (excluding potatoes), fruits & minimally processed grains.

Unhealthy sources of carbohydrates include white bread, pastries, sugary drinks (soda, sports beverages and energy drinks) and other highly processed refined foods.

Limiting or restricting food rich in unhealthy carb assists with losing weight fast and at the same time avoid medical conditions such as diabetes.

Replace high carb-diet with protein, fat and low-carb vegetables. Including healthy and balanced fats into your diet plan optimizes your fat burning processes. Fats such as those included in salmon, olives, and nuts assists in weight loss.

Increased physical activity and excercise

Weight loss will be faster with low carb diet combined with increased physical activity.

If you control your meal intake and increase physical activity daily, you will achieve results faster. In addition to weight loss, you will improve your overall health condition.

Strenuous exercise will aid in burning more calories. However, simple steps such as taking extra 5 minutes power walk, taking stairs instead of lifts, taking a walk during lunch breaks and doing household chores. Exercising 15-30 minutes daily is more effective than 2-3 hours for 2 days in a week. Being consistent is the key to losing weight effectively.