About Us

Why Weight Loss Healthy Tips?

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you want to see a difference in how you look and feel and are willing to take those extra steps to uplift your self-esteem and lead a healthy life.

This is where we come in:

First and foremost, we help you develop the mindset and ignite the light inside you to take those tiny steps towards your weight loss goals.

Then provide practical and tested tips and knowledge to give you the momentum you need to act and come out as weight loss champions.

Encourage you to live a life where you are not worried about how you look and able to enjoy things which are physically demanding such as hiking, biking and so much more.

How does this platform help you?

Weight Loss Healthy Tips helps everyday people achieve their physique goals and uplift their self-esteem even if one feels that it is impractical.

We live by the motto:  Everything is Achievable!

Our articles aim to simplify and give you the choice to get up and initiate those steps to win back the life you wanted with the healthy body you deserve.

What is expected from you?

As quoted by Greig Reid, “A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL. A GOAL broken down into steps becomes a PLAN. A PLAN backed by ACTION becomes a REALITY”.

Hence, if you are practical, put in the effort and invest time into your daily routine then nothing can stop you from achieving your weight loss goals.

Consistent effort, only if it’s putting in fifteen minutes every day will give you far better results over the long period than exercising for 3 hours once a week and discontinuing after certain time out of frustration. We often over-estimate what can be achieved in 6 months’ time and under-estimate what we can do in a year’s time.

One must develop the mindset first to stay on the course and then take action, although small but consistent action will definitely help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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