7 Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

No one really likes belly fat. They are unsightly, and they are unhealthy. But you can lose belly fat if you discipline your body. There is no point spending thousands of dollars on weight loss pills that rarely work. And you don’t need to punish yourself with weight loss diets that end up harming your overall health. You can use physical exercises to lose belly fat.

Starting from mild to moderate to tough fitness exercises, you can lose belly fat with ease if you can discipline your mind and body by applying yourself to what is required. Here are some exercises recommended by fitness and weight loss experts for losing belly fat permanently:

1. Skipping or rope-jumping

You may think that skipping or rope-jumping is fun; it is, but it is also effective for losing belly fat. The consistency of rope-jumping over several minutes moves your belly up and down, toning abdominal muscles and firming up the flesh – and burning the fat with time. Skipping to the point of sweating burns visceral fat – fat around your internal organs and throughout your abdominal cavity fast. About 5-10 minutes several times per day will do the trick.

2. Bicycle crunches

If you desire a perfectly sculpted abdomen as a man or woman, bicycle crunches could help by shedding extra pounds of flesh around your belly. But you have to do it the right way and for as long as possible. You start by lying flat on your back and interlocking your fingers together behind your legs and lifting each leg up in turn. Then lift your right leg and bring your left elbow to touch it without unlocking your fingers from behind your head; also lift your left leg and bring your right elbow to touch it. Do this for as long as possible to firm up your abdominal muscles and burn the intestinal fat.

3. Forearm planks

The plank exercise comes in various forms – plank walk, side plank, medicine ball plank, and of course the forearm plank. Lie straight on your chest and then raise up yourself on your forearms and toes. Remain in a push-up like position with your weight resting on your forearms and toes, maintaining this position for as long as your forearms and toes can carry your body. This exercise strenghtens your core, glutes and shoulders, shrinking your tummy in the process.

4. Straight crunches

Crunches are very effective for shedding abdominal fat if done correctly and with persistence. You lie down on your back with your knees bent to your tummy and your hands folded behind your head. You must then curl up your knees to your chest and bring your head and shoulder to meet your knees without removing your interlocked hands from behind your head. Hold this position for a minute or two and then return again to the starting position to start all over. Repeat this for as many times as possible.

5. Burpees

A burpee is a physical exercise performed by bending over, performing a squat thrust, and returning to a standing position. It helps you lose stubborn belly fat with ease if done frequently enough. You start by squatting with your palms placed on the floor, and your feet stretched back in a plank position. Kick your feet back into the squat position and then jump up from the squat to as high as possible. Return to squat again with hands on floor and legs stretched back before kicking back into squat and up again.

6. Push-ups

Push-up is a very common exercise but very hard to do and very effective in building body mass and achieving a lean tummy. The military does not joke with push-up exercises because it promotes physical fitness and burns fat fast. You lie with your chest on the floor and then raise your body up by fully stretching your arms. With arms fully stretched and supporting the full weight of your body against the ground, you lower your body to the ground and up again by your arms without shifting your legs or toes from the ground. This exercise builds the biceps, widens the chest, flattens the tummy, and burns visceral fat quick.

7. Aligator drags

One ab exercise that mixes cardio, stability and strength together to help you burn fat in your mid-section is the aligator drag. To start with, lie on a floor in a push-up position and place your feet on a material that can slide on the floor – such as a dinner plate. With your feet in the plate and positioning yourself in the push-up form, you must move or drag yourself forward with your arms and slide your feet along in the plate for as far as you can move.

Conclusion – Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Exercises to lose belly fat have been found most effective when used in combination with weight loss diets and pills. It is however best to start from mild to moderate exercises and then ramp up the physical activity to a high crescendo if your body is good for it. It may also be a good idea to work with a fitness instructor who understands your weight loss goals for the exercise regime. Whatever you do, remember that persistence is key to achieving results; and the more you undertake the recommended weight loss exercises the more you can observe a flattening in your tummy area.